Community Primary Care

Community Primary Care Section Chief Monica Sargious

Section Chief: Dr. Monica Sargious

The Department of Family Medicine and its Community Leaders work to improve the environment in which family physicians practice and improve the quality of primary health care delivered in the Health Zone.

The Community Primary Care Section aims to improve Primary Health Care delivery by:

  • Collaborating with the Calgary Zone Primary Care Networks (PCNs) (
  • Advocating for, developing and implementing services which support family physicians and a Medical Home Model of primary care.
  • Enhancing communication among community-based family physicians and developing a better understanding of issues that affect them.
  • Ensuring that the family physicians’ perspectives are included in the development and implementation of Alberta Health Services programs and initiatives.
  • Supporting family physicians to enhance their practice and develop both professionally and clinically.
  • Advocating for patient safety in community primary care settings.
  • Overseeing privileging for Day Medicine, Surgical Assisting, and Specialized outpatient clinics such as the East Calgary Family Care, the Sexual & Reproductive Health Program and the Elbow River Healing Lodge.

Our leadership team encourages you to connect if you have any questions or concerns regarding Family Medicine in Calgary.


The Community Primary Care section supports the following services to enhance community family practice:

  • Offers a connection for family physicians to Alberta Health Services.
  • Collaborates with the University of Calgary and Calgary Zone Primary Care Networks to provide appropriate Continuing Medical Education (CME).
  • Communicates with family physicians via our bi-weekly newsletter and our website.
  • Family physician web registry.
  • Family physician areas of interest and referral directory.
  • Support events including the Mackid Symposium and the Family Medicine Showcase.
  • Organizes the nomination and award presentation of the “Family Physician of the Year” and “Multidisciplinary Team Member/Team of the Year” awards.