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The information for faculty and staff section on the University’s COVID-19 website has been updated to outline temporary guidelines to help address questions and concerns that you may have during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Welcome to Department of Family Medicine Research Hub at the University of Calgary. 

The Research Hub was established to foster, facilitate and coordinate scholarship activities with full-time academic, clinical and community faculties, residents and staff in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Calgary.

The Department has four scholarship priority areas, all culminating in improved patient care:

  • Medical Education
  • Indigenous Health
  • Clinical Services
  • Health Equity

Members of our department have many opportunities to develop research and scholarly skills through a variety of academic activities that Research Hub facilitates. Our resident scholarship activities ensure that residents acquire the skills to become lifelong learners and to keep up-to-date. The activities include evidence-based medicine teaching; journal clubs; quality improvement projects (QI); Research Day; original research projects; systematic review projects; and research electives. Our faculty support activities consists of facilitating grants preparation; manuscript preparation; conducting research; and management of research stuff and funding.

We welcome any questions or collaborations in the area of Family Medicine research.


Tanvir Turin Chowdhury, MBBS, MSc, PhD 
Scholarship Director
Phone: 403-210-9228


2020- 21 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our 2020-21 Annual Report which highlights some of the noteworthy contributions made by our family physicians and their teams over the past year. 


Publications, Presentations & Grants 

2019- 2020

In the 2019-2020 year, with data reported April 1 2019 - March 31 2020, DFM faculty and physicians with academic appointment are credited with:


In the 2018-19 academic year (Jul 1-Jun 30), with data reported to May 31, 2019, DFM faculty and physicians with academic appointments with the department are credited with:

•   Publications – 96
•   Presentations – 113
•   Grants – 26, total awarded - $6,951,838 (based on fiscal year)


In the 2017-18 academic year (July 1-June 30), with data reported to May 31, 2018, DFM faculty and physicians with academic appointments with the Department are credited with:

  • 88 scholarly publications
  • 145 total presentations, with 53 specific to research, 46 specific to education, 6 specific to professional
  • Over $3 million in research grants awarded and administered through the DFM