Primary Care Networks

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Primary Care Networks (PCN) are groups of family doctors who work with Alberta Health Services and other health professionals to coordinate the delivery of primary care services for their patients. Each network has the flexibility to develop programs and to provide services in a way that works locally to meet the specific needs of patients.

The Department of Family Medicine's three Teaching Centres each have physicians that are part of Calgary's Primary Care Networks. Click the links below for more info on each clinic's Primary Care Network.

  • Central

    The Central Teaching Clinic is a member of both:

    1. Calgary Foothills PCN
    2. Calgary West Central PCN
  • South Health Campus

    South Health Campus Teaching clinic is a member of South Calgary PCN.

    For a list of South Calgary PCN clinics with after-hours services, go to or get the app: Time 2 Doc.

  • Sunridge

    Sunridge Teaching Clinic is a member of Mosaic PCN.

    The Mosaic PCN Offers:

    1. Classes and Workshops: Anxiety, Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Weight Management, Empowerment, Happiness Basics, Stress Management and Tobacco Cessation.
    2. Services offered: Adult Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Primary Care Nursing (CDM), Insulin Starts, Mental Health, Prenatal Nutrition, Oral Health (1-5 yrs), Physical Activity, Pharmacy, Respiratory and Social Workers.
    3. Programs such as: Foot Care, Pain Management, Pediatric Lifestyle and Women’s  Health/Prenatal.
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