Sunridge Family Medicine Teaching Centre

Health Management Program


Ready to take charge of your health?


DID YOU KNOW? Sunridge Family Medicine Teaching Center has a Health Management Program.

This program is a patient centered collaborative process between you, the Health Management Nurse, Physician, Resident and Allied Health Team to support you with your health goals and provide ongoing management of health conditions. The goal of the Health Management Program is to help you manage your own health and promote positive outcomes. Health concerns addressed are:  multiple, complex and/or uncontrolled health conditions, new diagnosis of a medical condition, high usage of (emergency department, hospital stays, clinic visits), and life style changes (weight management, smoking cessation).

We have 2 Health Management Nurses at the Sunridge Clinic: Dawn and Donna. The Health Management Nurse will work in partnership with you, your family, your physician and members of the clinic’s Allied Health Team to:

  • Prioritize your health and lifestyle goals.
  • Recognize barriers, identify strategies and resources to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Build confidence with problem solving and action plans to support positive health outcomes.

The greatest changes to health are made when you as the patient are involved in your own health care planning.

How do I get involved?

You can self-refer to the Health Management Program for any health concern or through a referral from your health care team (Allied Health Team, Physician and Residents). Appointments are booked through the Primary Care Coordinator at 403-943-5000 Ext #6.