Prescription medications

Prescription Refills

Refills are not routinely done by phone. Please partner with your physician and pharmacist to avoid running out of medication between visits.

  1. You may contact your drugstore for the status of refills that may be left on your prescription.
  2. If there are no refills left, call the clinic early to arrange an appointment to review your condition and medications.
  3. Your community pharmacist can extend most prescriptions for a short time to last until your next appointment. Exceptions are narcotics, triplicate order medications, antibiotics and steroids.
  4. Please bring all your medications in the original containers to your visits at the clinic. This will assist greatly in your conversation with your physician regarding the amount of medication being ordered, and the number of refills before your next visit. Book the next visit before leaving the clinic, to ensure that the timing of your next visit will prevent running out of medication.

Referrals and Special Tests

You must see your family physician to get a referral to a specialist. Referrals will be procsesed by the referral staff. You will be called about the date and time when it is confirmed. If you are not able to attend the appointment time or date given, please call the specialist’s office to re-book.

Test Results

Please do not assume “no news is good news”. When tests are being ordered, partner with your physician in planning what follow-up is needed regarding results. Most often this should result in another visit – if so, book that next visit before leaving the clinic. Your physician can advise how long results would usually take to arrive, and can suggest when the best timing for a follow-up visit would be. Test results are not routinely given by staff over the phone, and are generally only discussed with the patient present.