Sunridge Multidisciplinary Teams

The following allied health team members are available at Sunridge.

  1. RN Case Managers (Donna, Dawn):  Intensive case management for patients with complex health needs.  Supporting patients in identifying and managing challenges with their physical , social and psychological wellbeing.  System navigation and care coordination in partnership with other care providers to improve service integration.  Self-Referral’s Available. (Patients must be 18 or older)

  2. Mental Health Therapist (Jan):  Addressing most mental health concerns of adult patients: chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Teaches stress reduction skills and relaxation techniques; helping with changing problematic behaviors, such as tobacco, alcohol or drug use and assisting with weight management.
    (Patient must be 18 or older)

  3. Mental Health Therapist (Chris):  Solution-focused, strength-based counselling for adults with mild to moderate mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, stress, and other issues we all struggle with at times related to the human condition.  Focusing on wellness through developing insight and self-awareness, effective goal-setting, and adopting healthy behaviors. (Patient must be 18 or older)

  4. Pharmacist (Christelle):  Medication review, medication counselling, chronic pain self-management education, tobacco reduction or cessation counselling, health coaching.  Certified Diabetes Educator: education/management of diabetes, insulin start or management. (Patient must be 18 or older)

  5. Social Worker:  Counselling in the areas of grief and loss, mild-moderate mental health concerns, illness adjustment, crisis intervention and life transitions.  Resource support, advocacy and application assistance.  General need support or referrals in the areas of finances, legal, senior’s issues, accommodation, medication coverage, transportation, mental health/addiction, career/education, domestic violence, homecare/caregiver, and advanced care planning. (Patient must be 18 or older)

  6. Diabetes Educator (Maureen):  Diabetes support and counselling for patients with Type I diabetes, Type II on two or more oral hypoglycemic agents, insulin starts, recurrent or severe hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia. (Patient must be 18 or older)

  7. Dietitian (Richelle, Julie):  Nutrition education and counselling to clients with the following conditions: Pre-diabetes/diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, weight management, food allergies/ intolerance, gastrointestinal diseases (Celiac Disease, IBD, GERD) IBS, malnutrition, nutrient deficiencies, unexplained weight loss, liver disease, prenatal nutrition issues. (Patient must be 18 or older)