University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Resident Safety

Resident safety is a primary concern. Residents need to feel and be safe throughout their program at the University of Calgary.

Safety relates to each resident’s physical, emotional and professional wellbeing. Report all safety concerns to your Division Director and Program Administrator right away. Document all critical incidents.

Minimize travel safety concerns by:

  • following Alberta driving laws
  • maintaining a road-worthy vehicle and driving safely
  • being prepared for roadside emergencies in all kinds of weather.

Psychological wellbeing is enhanced when the learning environment is free from intimidation, harassment and discrimination. Concerns about these aspects of your program should be brought to the attention of the Division Director and Program Administrator, documented on preceptor evaluations and rotation evaluations. Any concerns brought forward will be kept strictly confidential and treated with the utmost respect.

Residents are not expected to participate in any situations that contravene their professional responsibilities and professional ethics. If impartial advice is needed, you are encouraged to contact the ombudsperson.

Visit the Policies and Procedures section of the website to view the Resident Safety Policy.