University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine


Each Residency Program is required to have an Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is intended to promote a positive and safe environment for residency education. The role provides a confidential resource that residents may access to discuss personal, professional, or program-related concerns.

The Ombudsperson for Family Medicine is Dr. Rita Dahlke (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Ombudsman maintains university and PGME privacy and confidentiality standards. All information and records are kept confidential. The ombudsman will provide guidance to facilitate resolution of complaints or issues raised by residents with regard to the Program, faculty members, or the broader learning environment. The Ombudsman may take any of the following actions to support the resident: 

  • Listen to resident concerns or complaints 
  • Discuss potential strategies to resolve conflict 
  • Clarify and review relevant policies and procedures 
  • Review and assist in the assessment of relevant options available to the learner so an informed decision on how to proceed can be made 
  • Coach residents on achieving resolutions in a professional manner 
  • Promote discussion with relevant parties 
  • Direct the resident to appropriate resources, including PFSP, Resident Affairs & Physician Wellness, PG Dean, OPED etc. 
  • When appropriate and permitted by policy, attend meetings (including appeal hearings) as a support to the resident but not as an advocate or in place of legal counsel

Please note that the ombudsman will not: 

  • Offer psychological counseling 
  • Offer legal advice 
  • Participate in or assist students in appeals other than as a support (as above) 
  • Directly advocate on behalf of a single resident or group of residents