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Mental Health and Behavioural Medicine - Addictions

Learning Objectives

Addictions ACEs Objectives

Preparation and Pre-Reading

The required pre-reading has been provided by your ACE Preceptors and he/she is expecting you will have reviewed it prior to your first session. To get the most learning out of each ACE, it's really critical that you complete the required preparation ahead of time. This may include the reading of various recommended resource documents, video review and reviewing and considering the learning objectives listed (See ACEs - General Information page).

For Renfrew Recovery Detoxification Centre

1. Before your Renfrew Rotation Complete MODULE 1 including Supplementary Presentation:

2. By the end of the block complete MODULEs 2 to 5.

For Addictions Aventa

1. The Prevention Conversation Handouts
2. CCSA - Trauma Informed Care Toolkit

Reference Material

        1) “Moments to Milestones” The video was produced by Fraser Health and the description is as follows:  This 30-minute video is intended as an education resource for first responders, including police, paramedics and emergency room staff. Also, this video has relevance for anyone working with people who use substances. It illustrates the remarkable, positive difference that can be made when people who use substances are approached in an attuned manner that fosters respect, compassion and inclusion.

For Opioid Dependency Clinic

  1. Alberta Standards & Guidelines for Methadone Maintenance Treatment for Dependence College of Physicians & Surgeons (PDF, 587.44KB).  Pages 1-17 should be read prior to the scheduled half day.
  2. Self Study: Suboxone Dosing Module located at

Self Study Modules

If your ACE clinic has patient cancellations, no shows and there is no further teaching or learning experience at the clinic, please refer to the Self-Study Modules.

Location Information


ACE Contacts

Clinic Time


Adult Addictions
(former AADAC):

707 - 10th Ave SW
Calgary AB

Reception: (403) 944-2025, see schedule for specific contact.

0800, 13:00 for intake returning at 17:45 for group sessions

On your first day arrive at 0730 or 12:30. On subsequent days arrive at 12:50.  
If you are running late it is very important to call Reception at (403) 297-3071 or Sunday Abidogun at (403)367-5021.

NW Addiction Services:

Foothills Addictions Services

6th Floor North Tower (connected to the Women's Health Centre Foothills Hospital)

Reception: (403) 944-2025

09:00 (Tuesday AM) and 1300 (Wednesday PM)



Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women
610 25 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S 0L6

Capri Rasmussen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
403-245-9050 ext 4689


No onsite parking.  Street parking available, give yourself extra time to find parking.


Renfrew Detox:

Renfrew Recovery Centre
1611 Remington Rd NE
Calgary, AB T2E 5K6

Amanda Holt  
(403) 297-3337


Crucial that you arrive on time.  If you are late you may be sent away.


Opioid Dependency Clinic:

Sheldon M Chumir Health Centre (2nd floor)
1213 - 4 St SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0X7

Kimberly Mouwen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

08:00 (AM) and 1300 (PM)