The Sites

Welcome to our home and rural training sites

We complete three rural family rotations. Two separate two-month long rotations in first year and a single six month longitudinal rotation in second year. Below is a sampling of the two home sites and details of some of our rural training sites. Residents get to choose their preferred rural sites, almost always getting their top choices.


Home site: Medicine Hat

With a population over 63,000 Medicine Hat boasts a busy regional hospital and serves as one of the two home sites for the rural program. Medicine Hat is a 3 hour drive from Calgary, 2 hours from Lethbridge, and less to Saskatchewan and Cypress Hills Provincial Park (think hiking, skiing, boating)! In addition to excellent clinical teaching, the Hat provides options for whatever you're in to. Be it the city's km's of paved trails, multiple golf courses, breweries and coffee houses, or the fantastic history of the area, you'll find a new home here! And don't worry, Medicine Hat isn't too rural, there are plenty of shops and amenities to satisfy all your needs!



Home Site: Lethbridge

One of the two main regional sites you will call your home site for this family medicine residency. Lethbridge is a city of about 100,000 people in the middle of southern Alberta, about 1.5 hours drive from the mountains (Waterton, Crowsnest Pass, Castle) and 2 hours from Calgary. #1 claim to fame: it is VERY windy. Known also for its coulees, which are essentially hills and valleys covered in grass. This sounds not very exciting, til you get into running/walking/biking/river floating through and discover the fun and beauty of the badlands landscape. Lethbridge has got all the urban amenities you could want (Costco members unite!), an excellent regional hospital with welcoming specialty and family medicine preceptors, yet still boasts the <15 minute commute we all love about rural living.

Rural Sites:

Below is few details on some of the rural training sites for the Program. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the sites.


"The heart of the Rockies, and a major site for MSK injuries."

This well-known mountain town has a number of experienced teachers and has taken residents for several years. This site provides excellent office practice as well as acute and long term care. Although Banff has a busy ER, shifts are not guaranteed as part of this FM experience.


"A great town to practice in!"

Located 140 km east of Calgary, Bassano is home to 1400 residents working primarily in agriculture and oil and gas.  The community is served by the medical clinic, located in the small hospital. The experience includes office visits, ER shifts and in-patient care. The community is quite close to the east end of the Siksika Nation and it would be possible for a motivated resident to schedule some clinic days at the Siksika Health Centre.

Bow Island

"I had a great experience there. One of my best rotations!"

Bow Island is an agricultural community of 1900 people located one hour east of Lethbridge. In addition to the medical clinic, the community has an acute care hospital, long-term care, seniors’ home and a facility for adults with severe developmental disabilities. The physicians here also provide services in Foremost, AB.


"An amazing experience in the clinic and busy ED! I learned a ton!"

Brooks is located 190km east of Calgary. The 13,000 person community is served by a general hospital with a very busy emergency department. The large immigrant population, attracted to Brooks due to jobs in the meat packing industry, provides a diverse practice spread between the community's three main medical clinics. Rotations here include office, ER, hospitalist and in-patient care.


"High volume emergency department with a lot of acuity!"

Cardston is a community of 3600 people and lies immediately south of the Kainai Nation. Rotations here include office practice and emergency shifts, but opportunities for procedures and time in the OR are also available. Visits to the satellite clinic on the Kainai Nation are also possible.


"I had a really positive experience, I would recommend it to anyone!"

Claresholm is a town of 3600 people located about an hour south of Calgary. The community has a general hospital, long term care centre, psychiatric rehab hospital and an alcohol/drug treatment facility.  There is a single clinic in town and all the doctors in the clinic are enthusiastic about teaching.

Crowsnest Pass

"Amazing people, amazing clinic, amazing location!"

Crowsnest Pass located near the AB-BC border includes the communities of Coleman, Blairmore, Hillcrest, Frank and Bellevue. With a population of over 5700 people, and more in the summer and winter as tourists come for camping, ATV'ing, hiking, and skiing, this is a busy rural location.  The 6 physician clinic and general hospital in Blairmore provide opportunities for a full scope of practice with ED, OR, in-patient and long-term care.


Fantastic experience working at the clinic and health centre, and the dinosaurs were pretty cool too!"

Drumheller is home to 8200 people and is located 1.5hrs north east of Calgary. This site has been a long-time favourite for residents both for the medical experience and for chance to explore the badlands!

High River

"Full spectrum family medicine... you get obstetrics exposure while on rural family rotation!"

High River is a community with a large agricultural base half an hour south of Calgary. The community has two modern clinics involved in teaching. This location is known for the OB experience and serves as a dedicated OB-GYN rotation site for PGY2's.

Pincher Creek

"Really enjoyed my time in Pincher! The autonomy and learning from that was exceptional!"

Pincher Creek is located in the foothills of the Crowsnest Pass an hour west of Lethbridge near the First Nations Community of Piikani. This site has been a consistent favourite among residents with the varied practice and supportive preceptors.


"Bread and butter family medicine... plenty of flexibility, worked emerg or clinic whenever I wanted!"

The town of Raymond is 20mins south of Lethbridge and has a population of approximately 3700 people. There is a general hospital in town as well as a medical clinic.


"Full scope of practice including OB, C-Sections, LTC, anaesthesia and lumps and bumps every AM. I had my own room and patient roster in the clinic"

Located 81km east of Red Deer, Stettler with its 6000 people is the only community with a hospital in the area. The community has approximately 150 deliveries per year and the hospital does a variety of enhanced services such as surgery and endoscopy.