The Residents

Meet a few of the current residents

Dr. Jarad Plato

Why Rural FM: Why wouldn't you! Broad scope of practice, impact in your community and flexibility in career? What is not to love.

Best thing you did this block: Removed an exceptionally large, torsioned Dermoid cyst

What do you do when not a resident: Play in the backcountry and tinker on DIY projects.

A cool fact: At one point I was an entrepreneur, and then decided that doctoring and playing in the woods was more fun.

Dr. Finola Hackett

Why Rural FM: Hands-on experience and one-to-one with preceptors, awesome co-residents always down for a chat over drinks or a campfire, all the outdoor adventures especially gorgeous southern AB hikes

Best thing you did this block: Excised BCC from a lip and with a little coaching got the vermilion border spot on!

What do you do when not a resident: Bake excessive amounts of goodies and beg others to take them off my hands

A cool fact: I play the button accordion and fiddle, still looking for a trad folk band in Lethy to jam

Dr. Chris Cochrane

Why Rural FM: Whether you're in clinic, the ED or exploring a new community, every day is a new adventure!

Best thing you did this block: Managed a refractory bradycardia/3rd degree heart block on my own! (at least until the staff came)

What do you do when not a resident: Currently learning to dad.

A cool fact: In 2019 I spent a month biking from Vancouver to San Francisco to find the best doughnut shop on the coast.

Dr. Mohit Kumar

Why Rural FM: I love that when I see an ill patient in the clinic requiring hospital admission, that I can follow them during the course of their hospital stay as their "most responsible provider" (while under supervision of my preceptor). It's an experience I never found in urban FM!

Best thing you did this block: Supervised and taught a clinical clerk. I never knew how much fun teaching medicine would be!

What do you do when not a resident: I love doing hot yoga and finding new places to eat!

A cool fact: I used to ski competitively!

Dr. Liz Cook

Why Rural FM: I love the variety, improvisation and management that comes with limited resources.

Best thing you did this block: Crash intubation in the ambulance bay, in a makeshift isolation bay with flood lights, headlamps and walkie-talkies.

What do you do when not a resident: Live my best mountain bum lifestyle skiing, biking and being a seeing eye human for my blind adventure dog.

A cool fact: I converted my truck into a camper, lived in it through med school summers and have spent more money on skis than house furnishings.

Dr. Jake Blanco

Why Rural FM: Best combination of interesting medicine and lifestyle! Full spectrum and outdoors activities while in great rural communities. 

Best thing you did this block: Drained a peritonsillar abscess.

What do you do when not a resident: I consider myself a “jack of all trades… master of none”.  I enjoy a variety of activities but excel at nothing: back country skiing, fly-fishing. multi-day treks / camping, mountain biking and climbing. 

A cool fact: I’ve lived on six different continents.