Learning Resources


Primary taHealth Knowledge Network

To access, connect to: http://www.hkn.ca/

  • User-name and password are 'ruralmed' & 'may*20'

Schulich Family Medicine Cards

Research Databases

To access, connect to: http://library.ucalgary.ca/

  • Click on the Research Databases button on the top red navigation banner.
  • Click on the Medicine link.

Additional databases are available on the Health Sciences Library website.

  • Click on Health Sciences Library under the U of C Libraries section.
  • At the left Health Sciences Library menu, click on Evidence Based Practice.

The following categories of information resources are based on the following article: Haynes, RB. Of studies, syntheses, synopses, summaries, and systems: the "5S" evolution of information services for evidence-based healthcare decisions. Evidence based medicine. 2006 Dec 11(6):162-4.


ACP PIER (Physician's Information & Education Resource)

  • Decision-support tool of evidence-based guidance for physicians.
  • Modules focus of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Clinical Evidence

  • Summaries of evidence from systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, and observational studies on the benefits and harms of therapeutic and preventive interventions.
  • Covers over 200 of the most common medical conditions seen in primary care, pediatrics and internal medicine.

Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine (EBCM)

  • Evidence-rated information on herbs and natural remedies, conditions they may be used to treat, and known or suspected drug interactions.
  • Does not offer information on non-herbal modalities such as acupuncture.

First Consult

  • Continuously updated, evidence-based content aimed at primary care providers.
  • Over 600 condition-specific disease files, 1500 differential diagnoses, and medical procedures guidance, including video clips and patient education handouts.

UpToDate (U of C and CHR access only; no remote access)

  • Regularly updated texts to answer clinical questions at point of care about patient care, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Focuses on internal medicine and subspecialties.


ACP Journal Club

  • Abstracts of articles from core clinical journal that meet explicit criteria.
  • Covers therapy, diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis in family medicine, internal medicine and its subspecialties.

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE)

  • Critical summaries of selected systematic reviews about the effects of interventions.
  • Includes many non-Cochrane reviews.

Natural Standard

  • Summarizes and grades the evidence for foods, herbs and supplements, as well as for non-herbal complementary and alternative medicine modalities such as acupuncture.
  • Contains information on drug interactions and contraindications.


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  • Systematic reviews of the effects of prevention, treatment & rehabilitation healthcare interventions.


  • AMED – Allied and Complementary Medicine Database.
  • Produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library.
  • Indexes journals in complementary medicine, palliative care, and other allied health professions.

BMJ Updates+

  • http://www.bmjupdates.com
  • A searchable database of best evidence, with articles rated by clinical relevance and newsworthiness.


  • Indexes nursing and allied health journals.


  • Indexes international journals in subjects such as health policy and management, pharmacology, and public health.

Medline (OVID)

  • Can limit by "Clinical Queries" or "EBM Reviews" for evidence based results.


  • Includes MEDLINE, OLDMEDLINE, "in process" and "as supplied by publisher" citations.
  • Use "Clinical Queries" feature on the left to find clinical studies or systematic reviews by using pre-set research methodology. filters


  • Provides citations to professional and academic literature in psychology and related disciplines.