University Of Calgary Postgraduate Medicine

Patient Centered Care Lab (PCCL)

This curriculum is based on the Calgary Cambridge framework for teaching and learning communication skills in medicine as developed by Kurtz, Sliverman and Draper (1998).

PCCL is currently virtual via Zoom at 1.30-4.30pm on Monday or Friday afternoons.

During first year, you will be scheduled for up to 8 weekly half days in your FM Behaviourial Medicine Mental Health blocks.


You are required to present 4 videos in PCCL and to review 1 video with someone who is either taking the PCCL or has attended it in the past (including other R1s, R2s or Family Medicine preceptors).

Family Physicians and a small group of R1s compose each PCCL and together they work towards integrating the Calgary Cambridge Skills into daily Family Medicine practice. Videotape reviews will be of you and ANY patients from your Family Medicine clinic. The focus is on communication skills.

You will receive a laptop for videotaping purposed at your first PCCL session.

The Video Consent Form (which adheres to the FOIPP Guidelines for non-coercive consent) needs to be signed by the patient before recording. Once signed, please have it scanned into the EMR as part of the patient’s chart. Do Not remove consent from your clinic (i.e. Do Not bring to PCCL). Please familiarize yourself with  the form prior to asking for patient consent.

Prior to your PCCL, you will preview the video and choose approximately 5 minutes to present at PCCL.


At the completion of your PCCL training, 3 Patient Centered Skills Forms (PCSF) will be completed. 

1. One PCSF to be completed by you in your last week of PCCL. This PCSF is a ‘self-assessment’ of your learning. The goal is to raise your own awareness of the skills that you feel you are currently doing sufficiently and those that could stand to be more developed. For each skill, ask yourself “Am I performing this task as often as I could be”? about your own perceptions of your overall PCC skills at some point during your last week of PCCL. This is more of a self report or reflection than a video review.

2. One to be completed by someone who has finished, is currently taking or has attended PCCL (including other R1s, R2s or Family physician co-facilitators). They will watch one of your videos from start to finish and will complete the PCSF based on their video review.

3. One to be completed by Dr. Todd Hill. This is based on PCCL observations and the 2 other PCSFs above. Only this PCSF will be forwarded to your Primary Preceptor for review at your next progress review meeting.

Please follow the link to the PCSF form our visit the Forms page to search for the Patient Centered Skills Form PCSF.


  1. Patient-Centered Medicine:Transforming the Clinical Method (found in your red Behavioural Medicine manual)
  2. Self-Reflection Sheet #1
  3. Assignment Sheet