Sentinel Responsibilities and Benefits




  • Each week, report online the total number of patients seen on days worked in your practice and of the number of patients seen, report how many presented with
  • ILI and LRTI.
  • Collect nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs from consenting patients who present with ILI, and complete the study specific laboratory requisition that includes details on the patient’s immunization history, symptoms, and comorbidities.  Then the specimen can be submitted to ProvLab as usual.





  • Sentinels will be compensated for every weekly report submitted ($5 per report) and for every patient swabbed ($10 per patient).
  • Quick laboratory results, often within 24 hours of arrival at ProvLab.
  • CME credits which includes MainPro-2 for ILI/LRTI study.
  • Regular newsletters and bulletins, reporting real-time influenza activity in Alberta.
  • An all-expenses paid trip to the Annual General Meeting that brings together leaders and experts in the fields of virology, public health and influenza.
  • The ability to contribute to influenza surveillance, research publications and worldwide public health efforts.
  • There is no cost to sentinels to participate in TARRANT. All necessary supplies (viral swab kits and requisition forms) are provided by TARRANT and are couriered to the sentinel’s office.



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