Virtual Care & Teaching Resources

This page has been created to provide you with easy access to helpful resources for providing virtual care as well as teaching learners in a virtual environment. Something missing from the below list you think would be helpful for your colleagues, or a topic you want more information on but haven't been able to find? Please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Virtual Teaching Resources

Tips for Supervising Family Medicine Learners providing Virtual Care
Emerging Topics Bulletin for Educators
Peer Tips for Virtual Supervision

Virtual Teaching of Family Medicine Clerks

The Distributed Learning & Rural Initiative team have put together a number of webinars and useful resources to help prepceptors during this new normal of virtual care and teaching. Please visit their Youtube Channel for the most up-to-date offerings. 

Working with Learners in your Virtual Practice - Webinar
This webinar includes great practical tips from physicians practicing virtual care and teaching. 

The Virtual Physical Exam & The Power of Touch in the Virtual World - Webinar
The DLRI want to help to ensure that preceptors can maintain a high level of patient care and an enriched learning experience through your use of the virtual physical exam and how physical touch can continue to find a place in this context. This webinar will also review skin and joint exams, how to observe affect and when to make the call that an in person exam is required.

Supervising Learners While Providing Virtual Care

Virtual Care Resources

AMA - Virtual Care Tool Kit 
The Alberta Medical Assocaition has created a tool kit to help you set up virtual care in your clinic. Provides guidance on the various systems available and how to work with your team through this transtion. 

Additionally, on the AMAs Virtual Care page you'll find webinars, resources on patient privacy and constent and billing guides. 

CFPC- The College of Family Physicians of Canada

Covid Corner 
Webinars, both live and recorded, handouts and resources availalbe. 

PLP- Physician Learning Program 
Virtual Visit Patient Manual 
Zoom Manual 

Taylor Institute 
Courses available on zoom basics and improving student engagment in a classroom setting, helpful if you have an academic presentation coming up. 

The Unveristy of Calgary podcast system Yuja can allow you to easily podcast short videos. Great tool if you want to podcast orientation information for your clinical that could be shared with any learner prior to working with you. 

Both Alberta Health Services and the Unvieristy of Calgary are providing staff and physicians with access to Zoom. This platform allows you to schedule video calls with mutliple participants. 
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UCalgary Support